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Historically, when the world changes, the discipline of architecture never remains indifferent. In certain cases, it adapts to the new circumstances, in some others, it guides some of the ongoing transformations.

Today, a number of extraordinary advancements in areas such as artificial intelligence, big data, biotechnology, robotics, smart manufacturing have revolutionized all our systems of production and have brought about innovations which altogether are forming a new world. Virtual and Augmented realities, smart cities, and drones, interactive environments, self-driving cars are at the core of the emerging changes aiming at responding to the great global contemporary challenges.

All these are technologies that shape the place and the role of architecture in the age of the 4th industrial revolution and raise a number of serious questions: 

What is the impact of new technologies in architectural education and practice? What are the emerging opportunities and main threats to our discipline caused by the rise of smart and digital technologies? What is the new design culture that is generated in the information area?

The word AVRIONS stems from the ancient Greek word αὔριον (= tomorrow).

It describes all those who deal with tomorrow's issues. The tomorrow's thinkers.