Avrions help people live as global citizens, peacefully in inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities. Serving as a laboratory of ideas, avrions foster the free flow of ideas and knowledge sharing.

What we do

Resilience Building

Avrion's interest in development contexts and the long experience in urban planning and new technologies has positioned them well to support resilience building in order to improve city living and city design.

Smart City Support & Consultancy

In any call, Avrions coordinate their activities through clusters, which are groups arranged by sector and led by one or more team leaders that respond to issues of smart city support and transformation.

Place capacity strengthening

Avrions offer a wide range of capacity development and technical assistance services to facilitate the design, and delivery of sustainable solutions to build better cities with zero stress

Place capacity building

Avrions offer locally-tailored technical assistance and capacity development to strengthen individual and governanve capacities in these fields by responding to capacity gaps identified through an assessment process.

Smart Technology Development

In order to respond to emergencies or calls quickly, efficiently and effectively, Avrions use ground-breaking technology to help forecast emergencies and direct assistance to where it is most needed.

APP & Concept Interface Development

Avrions develop technologies such as apps in areas where it is scarce. In these places, we give vulnerable communities the know how to build better connectivity and data reading.