Drones, Mobots & Robots in Architecture – international course “Architect’s Innovation Map, Digital Pedagogy for the Architectural Education and Practice”

Drones, Mobots, and Robots in Architecture

Using Drones, Mobots & Robots in Architecture is not something new and in fact, manufacturing companies are using similar technologies over two decades now. Seems like the most important benefits are:

a) robots create efficiencies all the way from raw material handling to finished product packing.

b) robots can be programmed to operate 24/7 for continuous production. Likewise, manufacturers embrace them increasingly to stay competitive.

Furthermore, many scholars predict that in the near future robots will be working in perfect harmony and in a much more interactive way with humans. But how do they really change the way freelance architects operate? What are their potentialities and how they can solve our everyday problems wherever we are?

6 ways to use robotics in Architecture – a lesson by  Jason Boyle FRSA FRIBA

In our international course “Architect’s Innovation Map, Digital Pedagogy for the Architectural Education and Practice”,  Jason Boyle, FRIBA argued for their inevitable necessity and showed to the Arcasia participants examples of high-end robots that are currently very popular.



– 3D-printing robots 

These robots can build large buildings on demand. A mobile robotic arm controls a 3D-printer, and with a set of preprogrammed instructions, this system 3D prints an entire building.


CLS Architetti and Arup use a portable robot to 3D print a house in Milan retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8yyAeoME1w
(repost from https://www.roboticstomorrow.com/article/2013/07/robots-in-architecture/180/)




– construction robots

These robots are useful to brick-laying and masonry and can lay an entire street at one time.

(repost from https://www.roboticstomorrow.com/article/2013/07/robots-in-architecture/180/)


– Demolition robots

In particular, these are far safer and cheaper when it comes to demolishing concrete and structural components of a building. 

Demolition robots by https://www.husqvarnacp.com/in/machines/demolition-robots/


– Heavy lifting drones

Heavy lifting drones in rural areas can solve crucial problems. For example, they could carry large water containers from one place to the other.

Moreover, in the case of an earthquake, heavy lifting drones can become a life hero. In the same way that they can lift any object, they can also lift humans.

 Here I repost a video I found coming from Drone Compilations: 

Consequently, robots and drones have a great application in construction today. In this way, they can automize many processes and lead to safer and cheaper results.

In fact, any repetitive task is a candidate for robotic manufacturing, especially if it’s difficult or dangerous for a human, or takes place in a hostile environment.


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