Published by : Valina Geropanta

Smart technologies for sustainable user behavior in urban mobility of Santiago. An interview with Dr. Giovanni Vecchio, Chile

Santiago, Chile Dr. Giovanni Vecchio is an urban planner, currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the Pontificia […]

Mapping the Smart City in West Bengal and Eastern India. An interview with Dr. Mainak Ghosh, Kolkata

  Kolkata, India Dr. Mainak Ghosh is an academician and consultant in the area of Design […]

How do Smart Home Products Transform Home Environment and Effect on User Experience in the Households of Silicon Valley? An interview with Dr. Hatice Sadikoglu Asan, Stanford University.

Stanford, Silicon Valley, California Dr. Hatice Sadikoglu Asan is an architect, designer, and researcher. Currently, […]

Vertical Farming for Post Smart Interior Design

Author: Triantafyllos Ampatzoglou In 1909 Leo Baekeland announced the creation of Bakelite hard thermosetting plastic. […]

Smart Healthcare: Bringing back the 19 th century, but in a 21 st century manner

Author: Sarah Jorgensen It is no surprise to us that the world population is both […]

ICT, Smart Data and Innovation in Italian Engineering Education & Practice. An Interview with Angelo Valsecchi, CNI, Rome

Rome, Italy Angelo Valsecchi is the Secretary-General of CNI (National Council of Italian Engineers) from 2016 to the present […]

Future professional identities, tech disruption, transdisciplinary+the future of architecture. An interview with Rob Hyde

Manchester, UK Rob Hyde is an Architect/ Academic/ Researcher/ Designer/ Urbanist/ Consultant/ Strategist/ Futurist at […]

Augmented Reality in Smart Cities

The latest trends in IT invites city planners and urban strategists to start considering Augmented […]

Design a smart neighborhood

What would we design a good neighborhood of the future? How can we look at […]

Urban design with ICT – 3 steps methodology in the “architecture of public space”

Is the use of ICT far from being an integral part of the urban planning […]