Avrions help people live as global citizens, peacefully in inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities. Serving as a laboratory of ideas, it fosters the free flow of ideas and knowledge sharing.

Screenshot from the video: Productivity Future Vision, by Microsoft Office 365, with the description: 'Find out how technology could transform the way we get things done at school, at work, and in the home over the next 5 to 10 years'.


Avrions is a project to explore the technological world we are living in, explain and create expertise in the field of the Smart City.

For this reason, Avrions strategy is to describe current projects from different cities, and universities, the opinions, and visions of contemporary smart city thinkers considering these realities as a major and unexploited deposit of ideas for innovation.


Avrions, takes into account that many regions are lagging behind in terms of innovation even if they might include many active research centers. Recognizing the urban reality of each one, as well as the nature of the information that transcends borders, Avrions is aiming to use the concepts of transnational cooperation, networking and free sharing of information in order to overcome local innovation deficits.

In this way, the project aims to bridge the gap between architects, researchers, R&D creators, producers, financiers, and citizens by facilitating the distribution of information. 


→ Interviewing smart city experts. Avrions highlight their progress, ideas, & projects and reveal what technology means for each one of them.

→ Presenting smart city projects and news at a global scale so as to inspire any ongoing scholar, stakeholder or interesting part.

Explaining smart city techniques so as to include any citizen.

Developing research projects, master classes and workshops  on the smart city know how.

Developing concepts of transnational cooperation, networking and free sharing of information in order to facilitate the distribution of information. 


Intelligent city / smart city strategy and planning

Smart city monitoring and assessment

Smart city applications design and development

Smart City training

Development of web-based applications for innovation

Capacity Building Projects for the Smart City


The general objective of Avrions is to set up a mechanism covering most countries possible, which allows sharing information on the key innovations that bring sustainability to cities and citizens.

It creates a repository of potentially exploitable ideas, an experts’ pool and database that help people live as global citizens, peacefully in inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities



The goal of the project is to cover at least 30 countries across all Continents, with more than one testimonies in each one.



France  – Ireland – Italy – Finland – Greece –  Romania - Germany - Spain - Luxenburg - Portugal.


USA Mexico - Peru – Bolivia - Cuba –  Brazil  - Ecuador - Canada - Argentina - Colombia - Bolibia - Guatemala - Panama - – Argentina - Chille .


South Africa - Congo - Morocco –  Ethiopia –  Namibia – Madagascar  - Egypt - Kenya - Uganda.


UAE - Saudi Arabia - Lebanon - Iran - Jordan - Pakistan- Hong Kong  – India  – Japan – Vietnam  – Russia (Siberia -Moscow) – Indonesia  — Yemen – Turkey  – Iran — Mongolia  — Nepal — China & Tibet — Myanmar — Sri Lanka - Philippines - Korea.


Australia (Victoria & Northen territories)  – Papua New Guinea.



Avrions eventually aims at bringing all participants together, in Rome and Crete, with the doors open to the public for an all engaging discussion of what is happening in the world. The first meeting is expected in 2020, and aims at becoming a trigger for learning, training, collaboration, excange and networking creating a new community of future thinkers.

Some of the main questions we do to all tomorrow's thinkers are:

  1. What is the way the 4th industrial revolution is changing their work?
  2. What are the specific ideas their institution - company - the country is focusing on?
  3. How do they think all this will affect our cities and our education?

You can see some of the interviews here.



"I think that technology is changing the world, our cities, our culture in unprecedented ways. Avrions is an actual quest around the globe to discover and define the meaning and the priorities of our discipline towards these changes. A journey, that through different cultures and examples will hopefully show us how all of us are (or should) balancing between a position of critical resistance and that of faithful adoption towards technology.

Change is us, the change should be coming from us, the people who deal with tomorrow's world". 

Valina Geropanta, PhD