Connected, sustainable communities are the foundation of our society. They keep us safer, happier, and healthier – more resilient and able to face shared challenges.

Avrions’s mission is to develop better connected and more sustainable communities and through Avrions’ global network, we have the human force, the skills, and expertise to realize this mission.

We present the stories and lived experiences of people in our communities; using this as a spur to drive locally-led community action and enterprise.  And we use what we learn across different communities to spot patterns of need and opportunity. Then we work with national partners to support new ideas to tackle those shared, challenges. At the end of each strategy, we confirm whether our work has managed to solve the challenges, to “raise awareness“, to motivate & include citizens, to build more knowledge, and therefore to reinforce and empowering the place of action.

Bringing together our own – and other people’s – work, we are building a shared body of evidence, tools, and insight about how communities are taking action on the issues that affect them and how the smart city is the solution for them.

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