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Vertical Farming for Post Smart Interior Design. Benefits, challenges and suggestions – An article by Triantafyllos Ampatzoglou

Author: Triantafyllos Ampatzoglou In 1909 Leo Baekeland announced the creation of Bakelite hard thermosetting plastic. […]

Smart Healthcare and future impact: Bringing back the 19th century, but in a 21st-century manner – An article by Sarah Jorgensen

Author: Sarah Jorgensen It is no surprise to us that the world population is both […]

Augmented Reality in Smart Cities – Advantages of AR in relation to the previous back-end technologies – Related examples

The latest trends in IT invites city planners and urban strategists to start considering Augmented […]

Design a smart neighborhood – Where do we start? – Urban data for multidisciplinary communication – The design of the smart city

How would we design a good neighborhood for the future? How can we look at […]

How Technology Improves Urban Design and 5 promising technologies for urban planners.

The first time I officially declared that I would like to explore new trends in […]

VR & AR in architectural education – course “Architect’s Innovation Map, Digital Pedagogy for the Architectural Education and Practice”

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in architecture show a variety of possible uses to accompany […]

Drones and Robots in Architecture – “Architect’s Innovation Map, Digital Pedagogy for the Architectural Education & Practice”

Drones, Mobots, and Robots in Architecture Using Drones, Mobots & Robots in Architecture is not […]

What is this thing called the Smart city: 3 truths and a lie for urban planners

What is really the smart city about? Many academic disciplines such as sociology, finance, investments, […]