Smart technologies for sustainable user behavior in urban mobility of Santiago. An interview with Dr. Giovanni Vecchio, Chile

Santiago, Chile Dr. Giovanni Vecchio is an urban planner, currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the Pontificia […]

Mapping the Smart City in West Bengal and Eastern India. An interview with Dr. Mainak Ghosh, Kolkata

  Kolkata, India Dr. Mainak Ghosh is an academician and consultant in the area of Design […]

ICT, Smart Data and Innovation in Italian Engineering Education & Practice. An Interview with Angelo Valsecchi, CNI, Rome

Rome, Italy Angelo Valsecchi is the Secretary-General of CNI (National Council of Italian Engineers) from 2016 to the present […]

Future professional identities, tech disruption, transdisciplinary+the future of architecture. An interview with Rob Hyde

Manchester, UK Rob Hyde is an Architect/ Academic/ Researcher/ Designer/ Urbanist/ Consultant/ Strategist/ Futurist at […]

Virginia, USA: How project-based education & the Living Lab can shape the future professionals. An interview with Dorotea Ottaviani

Virginia Tech, USA. Dr. Dorotea Ottaviani is a Senior Project Associate with the College of […]

London: Computational design, robotic actuation & robotic fabrication in the arch. education & practice. An interview with Alexandros Kallegias

London, UK Alexandros Kallegias is an architect and a researcher. Alexandros graduated from the Architecture […]

São Paulo: First LEED ND in Latin America, ICT and Sustainability. An Interview with Mariana de Cillo Malufe

Sao Paolo, Brazil Mariana de Cillo Malufe has a multinational experience (America, Europe, Asia, Oceania) of […]

Villahermosa, Mexico: ICT & a Communication’s Analysis of Urban Space. An Interview with Elia Cornelio-Marí

Villahermosa, Mexico. Elia Margarita Cornelio-Marí in Assistant Professor in Communication at the Universidad Juárez Autónoma […]

Quito, Ecuador: From a mountain city with 20 volcanoes to a future smart city. An Interview with Riccardo Porreca

Quito, Ecuador. Riccardo is the current coordinator of the Research at the School of Architecture […]